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I’ve been always surrounded by all things Disney as long as I can remember. It was usual to go to Cinema Imperial in Madrid on weekends to watch the reruns of the Disney Classics, Don Miki (a Spanish Disney comic) arrived every Thursday to home, and the tapes with Disney original soundtracks were almost completely destroyed from use .

Don Miki 1 Cover
Fisrt issue of the weekly spanish comic Don Miki (© Montena 1976)

When I got vacations on my first job, I wanted to go to Disneyland Paris (at the time, it was named Euro Disney Resort), but in 1992, the price of the flights weren’t as cheap as they are today. I will never forget that the price of the plane was the same, or even higher, than the price of the hotel. So, unfortunately, the plan had to be cancelled.

Finally in Disneyland Paris

Finally, in 2004, 12 years later, the time had come to go to Disneyland Paris. Time went by, and for one reason or the other, it was never a good momento to travel to Disneyland Paris. So, on my vacations that year, on July, I would spend 4 days in Disneyland Resort Paris -that was the name since 2002, when Walt Disney Studios opened its doors- and 4 days in Paris. It finally turned into 5 days in DLRP and 3 days in Paris.

I didn’t watch or read anything about the park before the trip, I wanted everything to surprise me. And it did, it really did. After returning from this trip, I started to read and write -a lot- in Disneyland Paris forums. I travelled twice in 2006, and so 2007 started, the year of the 15th anniversary.

Twitter was a new thing, Facebook and Flickr were also almost new -they were launched in 2004- and instagram or Whatsapp weren’t even a thing. All we had were forums to talk about our travel and have fun, and some of us had a Flickr account to upload our pictures.

DLP Online is born

And so, in the extinct dlrp.mforos.com forum, the idea was born. The idea of telling the celebrations of the 15th anniversary, “live” from the Resort. I did a trip to Disneyland Resort Paris earlier that year, to celebrate the start of the 15th Anniversary -on April-, and I had another trip planned for September. And I decided I would write my travel from the Resort. I still didn’t know how to do it, but it had to be done.

First picture I uploaded to Flickr in September 2007, just about to take my flight.
(Yeah, cameras on those mobile phones weren’t as good as they are today)

I was sure I will upload all my pictures to Flickr, a social network I had been using for a year by then, but … how to tell everyone the trip and celebrations? I thought the best idea was to create a blog. I first tried blogger, but then I switched to WordPress, with my own domain. And so the adventure began.

Also on YouTube

Just a few years later, in 2009, I also uploaded some short videos to YouTube, uploaded immediately as soon as they were filmed. I even tried broadcasting from the Resort a couple of times in 2010. Videos that, to be honest, and compared with you can watch today, were very poor. But today we have WIFI on the parks and hotels; more and more powerful smartphones, capable of recording 4K video; roaming in Europe at no additional cost, but then … everything was much complicated.

Those videos are no longer on my YouTube channel, but soon I will start to upload videos again. Subscribe and click on the bell, so you receive a notification when I upload a new video.

Camino de la Magia

In 2017 I wrote the first edition of a guide about Disneyland Paris -in Spanish- together with three good friends, and the guide was updated in 2018. This was, and still is, the only Disneyland Paris guide written in Spanish. You can buy the guide on Amazon, in paperback (black & white edition / full color edition) and of course eBook (kindle).

Camino de la magia 2017 Cover
Camino de la Magia 2017
Camino de la magia 2018 Cover
Camino de la Magia 2018

To tell the truth, the 2017 edition is not as good as the 2018 edition, mainly because it was obvious the lack of experience in everything related to book layout, but I think the 2018 edition is much better.

There weren’t too much changes on the Resort during 2019, and we decided to not update the book. During 2020 and 2021 … well, we all know what has happened, and additionally the Resort has been closed for a big period of time during these two years. If things go as they should, I hope -and wish- that there will be a new revision in 2022.

Social Networks

I’m not a regular on Twitter, and even less on Facebook, but you will find me for sure on instagram. Photography is another of my passions, along with Disney.

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And now?

All these years DLP Online has been through a lot of changes, even name changes -it started as DLRP Online, and then it switched to DLP Online when the Resort changed the name to Disneyland Paris in 2009- and it has been “under construction” longer than “running”, but what has never changed is my passion for photography and all thing Disney. And that’s what you are going to find here.

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